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Originally Posted by andreicde View Post
lol high cost risk for a balanced unit?I don't think you own a dragon because right now,dragon is ANYTHING but balanced for the cost.He can't rampage armies by himself and a few cavs could wreck him down.Plus he takes 120 str army by himself which means unless someone steps on purpose on his fire,he's next to useless.

Edit: As the hero he is just as useless atm.Someone using a hero is just asking to lose.Why do you think very few people use them in pvp?Heck they have 10/10/10 def and die fast while also inflicting next to no damage.And I'm talking about a lvl 30
You should read my post again.
But to make sure that you understand what i mean with it, i will quote the important thing:
"Dragons is a high cost risk for what in the FUTURE will be a well balanced unit for it's cost."

I just hate people that answere on stuff without even reading, it feels like such a pointless discussion then.
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