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Originally Posted by Oratory View Post
I agree on your first point, that unice creatures should be ressurectable. But the my type of wealthcost is still legit. If you loose your special monster you will still be able to get it back. for a cost. As i've said in topics before. Dragons are a risk you take, if you buy a royal dragon, you should count on loosing it. Because when castle sieges comes to play, it's not safe anywhere.
You should honestly see this halloween dragon as a "you can now try a dragon for free" thing.

I still strongly dissagree on any kind of ressurectable unit. I dont even like the hero unit. i just hope that reverie adds a good cost for ressurection them. because i dont want to see a future competative metagame require a dragon.
It should be as they said. Dragons is a high cost risk for what in the future will be a well balanced unit for it's cost.

But as i said before. unique creatures as the halloween dragon, should just as you say, be ressurectable. And only that kind of mob/creature should be.
lol high cost risk for a balanced unit?I don't think you own a dragon because right now,dragon is ANYTHING but balanced for the cost.He can't rampage armies by himself and a few cavs could wreck him down.Plus he takes 120 str army by himself which means unless someone steps on purpose on his fire,he's next to useless.

Edit: As the hero he is just as useless atm.Someone using a hero is just asking to lose.Why do you think very few people use them in pvp?Heck they have 10/10/10 def and die fast while also inflicting next to no damage.And I'm talking about a lvl 30
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