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Originally Posted by Oratory View Post
With standard dragon cost, i ment what the actuall vallue of what a dragon would cost is. So as the halloween dragon is 1/4th of a royal dragon, it would be 30 +5 wealth per level.

And the reason why you would pay 5 extra wealth per level would be, for saving the leveling up time.

This is something they should add for all dragon when they will be ressurectable. Even though i have no idea why they should be.
I disagree again.When you have filled town with defenses like me,the halloween dragon MUST stay outside because I have no space in my castle.therefore,he can be attacked easily. Also the reason why dragons MUST be able to ressurect is because A) it's a holiday dragon and you only get one. In other games you keep your special items which are unique and halloween dragon counts as a unique creature and B) The dragons in general are not powerful and if you were in my situation and you'd lose any dragon and specially a Royal dragon,you would be ****ed.

Right now dragons ARE NOT powerful but they die fast.So yes they should be able to ressurect because they are just a support unit.Look at your hero as an example.He is next to useless atm thanks to the horrible stats it has.It adds tons of army str too.My lvl 30 was 75 power alone.
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