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Old 10-28-2011, 03:43 AM
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right now you wont find anything ....
Since theres nothing to find

the Units are bugged and their Stats vary so greatly that one of my Swordmen Squad could easy defeat 10 non Bugged Squads of the same lvl

but nobody seems to care
you get your armys annihilated and cry omg this and this Unit is Overpowerd
then spam the forums with it

Since the Units are bugged and partly have double or even up to triple their stats you cant even know which Unit actually is more Powerful
you see

Unit 1 has 10 damage 1 healing and 5 armor
Unit 2 has 5 damage 2 healing and 8 armor
Unit 3 has 20 damage 5 healing and 10 armor

now Unit 3 should be strongest

but thanks to the bugged system

Unit 1 has 45 damage 12 healing and 12 armor
Unit 2 has 80 damage 6 healing and 8 armor
Unit 3 has 25 damage 8 healing and 15 armor

you see theres no way to say one unit is overpowerd
since you dont even know how it was planned to be

also since each unit is bugging different you cant even know how much the bug does to it

I have about 20 crossbowmen
and in army view I get 20 buttons for them since each of em has different stats and cant be stacked at each other

but well keep discussing about OPed Units
for all I care ^^
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