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Old 10-25-2011, 04:44 PM
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I.ll give it good vote
but I am against the Peasant part
Peasants taking up Arms wont use anything and wont be logical

What I like is the Idea of Surrounding Citys sending Reinforcements
Putting that as reason it would be a nice asset to say that some waves of Reinforcements will join if you did not Complete the Conquest within certain time

Especially in the Bigger Citys

Finally in Realism the City Walls were not Build to actually Fight off an Full Army bought there for Siege since the Army Attacking wont Attack unless they know they can take the Army within the Walls down
means no matter how sturdy the walls they will just Siege and let the Hunger do the rest
while Bombarding the City from afar

City Walls where Build to buy enough time for Reinforcements to arrive
and I think if a Player takes to long those Reinforcements should arrive

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