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Old 10-25-2011, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by SgtOx View Post
I'm talking about the $29.99 I paid. So that was to "buy" the Beta and now I have to pay $34.99 for retail? or whatever the price is, can't remember.
No, you didn't "buy" the beta. The beta was free!

Towards the end of the beta you could pre-order the game. If you have not received your pre-ordered copy of the game or the download instructions (if it was a digital copy) with a retail key, then you need to contact the retailer you bought the game from.

Regardless of whether you pre-ordered the game or not, if you played before September 30th you were playing the beta version of the game using a beta key to play (that you got just by signing up to the forums) and you will need to uninstall the beta version of the game.

Do you have a retail key? If not, contact the retailer you bought the game from.

Have you tried following the instructions to install the game?

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