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Old 10-24-2011, 09:57 PM
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Default Options to change unit armour and weapons....

i dont know if this topic has been mentioned but another one wont hurt.

I would love to see the capability of changing a units Armour and weapons like there helms and torso the whole deal. This simple but complicated addition would make the game alot better byt they will need to think about it alot before making such a big change...

Like the fact there have to be alot of armors the same so you can change your troops around and have the ability to change at least 4 troops so they army can all look different {kinda like War-hammer mark of chaos style} and if they do this then they would be smart to add in the ability to make the different units different colors and such thou its not needed but would be nice.

they could have the option to make your own armor from the black smith which will cost gold and time or buy stuff from the bigger cities that will cost and arm and a leg just to get... But the ones that you use the blacksmith for would be better in the long run but take like a day or two to make depending on the item that is being made.

I also agree with some of the other forums regarding troops and flag ideas like importing your own banner and emblem for the troops to make them more distinguished from other players also have the alliance flag attached to your own flag so people can see clearly who your with...

There are a few more ideas like flags in the city that are of your banners and emblem.

also like to add i love the people who made this game been looking for one just like this for years!!!!!

If you like to add more please do so or point out any faults cause this just popped into my head and i blurted it out
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