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Old 05-09-2007, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Darvin View Post
Well, the phrase "no monthly fee" is always good news as far as I'm concerned. Such a policy makes it much easier to forgive a game's shortcomings and embrace its strengths.

I do agree that the "Cyber Nation" approach and the "Fixed Geography" (for lack of a better term) approach offer different strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps it's just my playstyle, but I prefer a dynamic world which doesn't stop moving just because I'm offline.

I don't think you've so much confused me as raised my interest, however. I'm going to be patient. There's more than one way to make something work.

Which is why you test and fix. Things can be improved with the proper changes. Here's one idea; in order to get larger a faction must recruit more players (makes sense; more territories means more battles means more players are needed to fight them!), but as a faction gets larger a "jackpot" builds up to encourage a civil war. Eventually, there will be enough 'shallow' players in the hierarchy to split the faction and break up the superpowers. Another solution may be to lower the rank benefits for "beating up" weaker kingdoms. To get a high ladder rank you may have to play the underdog, which would encourage the best players to choose weaker factions. This might turn out very well, placing newer players in larger and more powerful nations, and more experienced players in the less prosperous ones.

I do think that will be a problem in any MMORTS setup, offering something innate that can't be found in the traditional setup.
I was actually agreeing with the developers stance with my thread .