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Originally Posted by arifel View Post
I just want a MMORTS that has battles hosted by the publisher, as all MMORPGs are hosted by the publisher, as all MMOFPS are hosted by the publisher. Age of Empire Online relies on peer-to-peer connection, so does Dawn of Fantasy. They each allow less than 4 players per battle, contact with other players is limited to trading or a mere battle-matching system. Yet both are marketed as MMORTS.
I don't think that would be too hard of a thing to put into DOF; if, in addition to regular PvP, there are occasionally battles hosted this way, it would make a nice change of pace. These battles could have more players, and could be filled with more stuff (NPCs and such). The battlefields could be more exotic, too, since it wouldn't just be in some random spot in the countryside like regular PvP (though that's good too).

These battles could be big deals; there could be regional ones, when any players in the area would be notified that a major battle will be occuring. There could also be tournaments open to all players, that might keep armies away from the homeland for a long time. These battles could have better rewards, too.

You know, this really isn't the right thread for this. I might make a new thread on suggestions.

But yeah, thanks arifel, for giving me this idea!
That was so funny, I laughed twice.
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