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Originally Posted by crex719 View Post
Welcome to the Commonwealth of Men

Basically, CoM is a guild with an elected leader. This leader is given a large sum of resources in order to build a very strong fort. Once this is complete, the leader will distribute supplies to the other members and defend them with an army when needed.
If you are going to start a war, contact the leader and a majority vote will be necessary. Any infighting must be between armys only, we cannot afford to have weak forts at any time.
Right now, this is intended for the Beta. If all goes well and this system works, it will follow up into the game. Members of the guild should stay close and remain in one area (hopefully in Men territory). If you want to be in, PM me. I would like to set this up before the beta actually comes out.
That is all for now,

Always wait for the actual game before making a clan, much easier to sort out exactly whats what.