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Old 10-21-2011, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by RedXSol View Post
Worse thing that can happen is Solar storm off the sun. Happens every 11 years and this years one is biggest so far on record, there was one long time ago when we first had power, its more or less EMP'ed the hole world so it didn't really effect us back then as we was still in baby stages of technology.

If its happens this time around then we in deep **** say good bye to all your pc's. Say good bye to Japan, all there nuclear power stations will go boom from over heating. But chances of it happening this time around are unknown, last time could of just been bad luck.
well Comet Elenin broke into million peices, last i heard anyways, so im not worried, never was in the first place. The sun plus a Solar Wind (stated above) broke that mother up and it's peices wont be back for another 12,000 years.
Plus if a Planet called Nibiru was following Elenin, like some people were saying, then i think we would have seen it by now. I mean if we could see a Comet back in 2010 all the way by the sun then i think we could see that DOOMSDAY planet coming behind it.

I saw a video made by the head guy at NASA saying "dont worry 2012 will happen and so will 2013 and 2014....". He had to make the vid cause he was getting so many calls and emails of people saying they were ganna commit suicide beacause of all this DOOMSDAY bull****.
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