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Originally Posted by Dreamwalker View Post
Whoa-compared to these awsome ideas, mine sounds down right dumb!

But here's an idea I literaly just dug up from some old microsoft word file:

First of all, it's an RTS. Let's say that this game uses DOF's "homeland" idea instead of constantly building new bases. You create and design your own custom hero(es) to lead your troops, whose class is based on race.

Now, to the wall of text:

Gold-used to create units and buildings and to research technology, gold can be generated from trade and taxes, as well as mined from gold deposits and gained from gold buildings.
Energy-used to cast spells, create magic units, and research technology, energy is generated by captured Ley Line sites and, to a lesser extent, by magic buildings.
Food-the amount of food you have determines how many troops you can have at one time. If the food cost of your units exceeds the amount of food, your people will starve. Food is only gained from food buildings.


Guild of the Griffin-A powerful order of knights that protects the southern realms.
Strengths: strong heavy cavalry, good defensive magic, and great aerial troops
Weaknesses: little offensive magic, few war beasts
Hero Class: Paladin-a skilled guild lord that is favored by the godlike kyrie
Main Hero Attributes: Piety and Weapon Mastery
Unique Attribute: Warding-increases the power of the Paladin’s healing and banishing abilities, and also increases the strength of the wards of all your troops
Unit Upgrades: Banner Carrier(gives Valor ability), Steel Armor(increased defense), Steel Weapons(increased attack), Telepathic Wards(resistance to mind control), Elemental Wards(resistance to heat and cold), Poison Wards(resistance to poison) Disease Wards(immunity to plague)
Best Unit: Arch Kyrie-mighty, godlike beings wielding lighting spears and protective magic. They are even more powerful against both dragons and demons, but elves have good defense against all kyrie, who are their ancient enemy.

Sylvan Alliance-An alliance of elven kingdoms that rules the ancient forests of Elbaetha and Sorafel.
Strengths: excellent missile units, many powerful mage/warrior units
Weaknesses: very few artillery and spearmen
Hero Class: Sylvan Lord-an elven noble that excels in both combat and sorcery
Main Hero Attributes: Willpower and Weapon Mastery
Unique Attribute: Druidry-increases the power of the Sylvan Lord’s nature-related and stealth/invisibility spells
Unit Upgrades: Warrior Healer(gives unit healing mage), Mithril Mail(increased defense), Blessed Weapons(increased attack), Telepathic Wards(resistance to mind control), Elemental Wards(resistance to heat and cold)
Best Unit: Elran Dragons-swift green dragons sacred to the goddess Elra. They breathe white fire that only harms the enemy, not friendly troops or the environment. Like all dragons, they are naturally resistant to magic. They are very powerful against ground troops, but may need protection from other aerial units.

Tethurrin Empire-An empire of fierce minotaurs that controls the eastern lands.
Strengths: strong infantry, powerful ships, and good artillery
Weaknesses: little defensive magic, few cavalry
Hero Class: Warlord-a mighty warrior and general of the minotaurs
Main Hero Attributes: Weapon Mastery and Tactics
Unique Attribute: Bloodlust-increases the strength and duration of the Warlord’s berserker abilities and increases the overall power of the Warlord’s offensive spells
Unit Upgrades: Berserker(gives Frenzy ability), Steel Armor(increased defense), Steel Weapons(increased attack), Elemental Wards(resistance to heat and cold), Burning Weapons(attacks do fire damage)
Best Unit: Fire Hurlers-devastating war machines that spray liquid fire on foes. They are extremely deadly, but are slow and need protection from fast moving enemies.

Kingdoms of Erebus-The underground realms of the fanatical dark elves.
Strengths: fast, stealthy troops, good war beasts, and excellent dark magic
Weaknesses: no spearmen (or other anti-cavalry troops) and little artillery
Hero Class: Hierophant -a powerful sorcerer-priest of the dark elves
Main Hero Attributes: Willpower and Piety
Unique Attribute: Mind Breaking-increases the strength of the Hierophant’s offensive telepathic spells (especially anti-ward spells) and the strength of dark magic overall
Unit Upgrades: Battle Priest(increases strength of unit’s wards), Dark-Iron Armor(increased defense), Cursed Weapons(increased attack), Telepathic Wards (resistance to mind control), Elemental Wards(resistance to heat and cold), Arcane Wards(resistance to magic overall)
Best Unit: Tartarian Dragons-fearsome black dragons from the deepest pits of the underworld, sacred to the goddess Cerridwen. Their fiery breath is not affected by enemy wards, and like all dragons, they are resistant to magic. They are very powerful, but slower than other dragons. They only need protection from kyrie.

Other races may include Dwarves, Orcs, and Undead!
Ahem you played too much heroes of might and magic lol.Good idea,but bad concept with those races. I would say something which would be more unique. Human races,orc races,elf races, undead races,elementals race, wizard race(even if it's not an actual race but a faction), angels race, etc. Traditional stuff with something new . Other than that,great ideas!
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