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Old 10-19-2011, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Dreamwalker View Post
That's the most important part!

And devs, I know you're busy, but...if you like the sound of this or of any of the ideas on this thread, please comment! Even if all we do is come up with a single character, it would still be amazing!

And you could think of it this way: the more people thinking, the more different ideas you'll get. So if even a little of the community participated...there would be some completely original ideas that no one else would have ever imagined!
Yep yep, Agreed. We are here for you guys should you need us with imaginations near bursting point.

Though if it were to happen, Would be a big challenge to try and live up to some of the really good writers they use for games. A welcome challenge id say but a challenge nontheless. It would be interesting though to work on it and it would be even more fun to mix up our ideas Dream. That is another reason it would be cool, Just that working with others with similar passions for games and story to create something.

Id also like a dev's take on this, To see what they think.

Your community is here to help our friends at Reverie should they need.
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