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Dreamwalker has good reputation

I agree with Adam. And I have to say...being able to help a company make the game of your dreams? Pretty awsome stuff.

Speaking of awsome, here's another idea (sorry, but I just can't stop!). An RTS once again using DOF's homeland idea, its basis is Irish mythology. Here we go:

The Story thus Far:
The mighty empire of the Formorians once ruled all the lands of the west. But now, new peoples are arising in this place, carving out realms of their own. The Tuathians arrived from the east, and built kingdoms in Iarth, ruled by the tyranical King Arathar. Conflict arose between the Tuathians and the Formorians, who were already weakened after fending off a Deepling invasion. In the midst of the terrible war, two strange brothers made an alliance with the mysterious Sídhe, and with their help, defeated both the Formorians and the tyrant Arathar.

Now, the old empire has been divvied up between the major powers. The Tuathians claim to be seeking only unity and prosperity, though some kings have far darker goals in mind; the Formorians, divided into thier separate schools of magic, are trying to restore their former glory; the Sídhe, recently suffering a terrible civil war, are trying to gain a foothold in mortal lands before the completion of a deadly prophecy; and the Deeplings are planning a massive war on the surface dwellers, to win honor and fame in their Underworld home.

Four races now dominate the World:

The Tuathians; humans who combine magic and technology
The Formorians; remnants of an ancient empire of sorcerers
The Sídhe; a powerful race of semi-divine nature spirits
The Deeplings; various empires of the underground

Each race posses its own units, buildings, and tactics unique to it alone. The strategies used to play each race are radically different.

Here is some background on the Tuathians, who are so far the most developed race:

We came, not long ago, from the eastern lands, and settled in what is now called Iarth. We brought with us knowledge of metal and stone, of war and peace. Many kingdoms appeared in Iarth, and for a time the Tuathians knew prosperity, if not peace.
Then, the Fomorians, rulers of a rapidly expanding empire, set their sights on Iarth. They wielded strange powers, of fire and death, and we were overwhelmed. Only the brave, if somewhat cruel, King Arathar remained.
This may have been the end of the Tuathians, if not for the actions of two brothers, Oros and Meres. It is not known where they came from, or who they truly are, but they overthrew both the Formorians and Arathar, and brought peace to us. For that, they are forever our saviors.
-Annals of the Tuathians

The Tuathians, while they do not have much magical skill, have many ways to negate the magic of their enemies. In addition, they have access to a wide array of technologies, especially those focused on weapons, armor, and machinery.

Each race is divided into several factions, each with their own goals, strategies, and a few unique units and buildings. For example, here are the Tuathian factions:

The King’s Men; religious fanatics who are trying to resurrect the dead King Arathar

The Resistance; rebels who seek to overthrow the “tyrannical” rule of the Formorians and all other magic-users

The Freemen; displaced villagers who want only to rebuild their devastated homelands

The Tuathians are pretty much the standard medieval humans, though from an early era than the humans in DOF. However, they do have some more exotic units, such as Drake Riders.

Unfourtunetly, the other races are not as developed. But:

The Formorian factions are be based on the elements (fire, water, earth, and air). The Formorian military depends on a core of human warriors and legions of summoned creatures (such as minotaurs,basilisks, and various spirits); most of whom have special abilities (such as invisibility, regeneration, or inherent magical powers) that humans lack.

The Sídhe factions are based on day and night (a.k.a, light elves and dark elves, but both heavily nature orienented). Their magic takes a different form than the Formorians: instead of having mages cast spells and summon creatures, nearly all Sídhe units have the ability to use magic, though not to the level of the Fomorian sorcerers. The Sídhe make use of various magical beasts, such as unicorns, gryphons, treants, phoenixes (for the day faction) and giant spiders (for the night faction).

The last race, the Deeplings, are the least developed (even the name is really just a placeholder, unless I decide that it works). But, they are the most bestial, and are made up of goblins, trolls, and such, as well as more original underground creatures (like dwarves with the heads of boars!). Their cities lie deep in the underworld, and they have some pretty advanced building and weapon technology, though their magic can't stand up to the Formorians and the Sídhe (they arn't quite as bad as the Tuathians, though). But with massive, well trained armies, who needs are that magic stuff anyway?

If I think of more, I'll add it. I have some Tuathian units and buildings ready, but I'll work on the other races first.

What do ya think?
That was so funny, I laughed twice.
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