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Wow some nice ideas truly, So much so i decided to write up and build on my original post! This idea has not got a name but it would basicly be a fresh new rpg game a little bit like mount and blade mixed with dawn of fantasy and some oblivion.

This will be an rpg sandbox game, You have the freedom to do what you wish whether it be build a small village into a town or city, Adventuring with friends or alone, Trading, Pvp and all that.

Background :

Many tears have been shed in the land of Siren's Call due to the many wars that have engulfed it in the past. Tensions have always been high within this tortured land between the various races who inhabit it and yet they persevere in their quest to survive. Ultimatly however there was no victor in the last great war known only as 'Siren's Tears' to the bards of the land. The races of Siren's Call had been at war for so long that war and death had taken its heavy toll on the races and they are now a mere shadow of what they once were. With the remaining forces dwindling the races of Siren's Call finally agreed on a truce and the war was ended. Old hatreds still flare as bright as the sun however but all of the factions knew if the war continued therew ould be nothing left of their respected nations. As many lands now lay barren and abandoned the races seek to rebuild their civilizations.

None of the races but the wood elves known also as 'Siren's Eyes' would know however that the wars of the past scarred the land and the cost was greater then they could imagine. Beasts that had once been tame now roamed the land angry and mad with rage. Monsters such as mighty ogres and minotaurs that had once kept to their own now preyed on the weak and claimed lands that were once owned by the other races. An the dead rest no more as monstrosities rise from the many battlefields of Siren's Call. The land is in agony..

The damage had been done, The price yet to be paid and the war was now balancing upon a shakey fragile truce. The future of Siren's Call is now in the hands of those who have the strength and courage to change things. You.

The Humans

The humans of Siren's Call live to the far west of the land on the coasts of Galvalinor. It was the humans who first ignited the wars between the other races due to their rapid expansions into other races territory and arrogant nature towards the other nations. The human kingdoms were the largest of the factions empires and although much has been lost in the wars the humans have taken the 'least' losses and retain a highest population of the races.

The humans are led by King Geralt Ironhand the 5th, As his name suggests this man is a ruthless leader and rules with an iron fist much like his past line. The last great war was started by his father when he pressed for more expansions into the elven forests to the south provoking the elves. Diplomacy was short and soon war broke out. However Ironhand is a devious and clever ruler and has kept the human nation afloat despite being the last to agree to the truce. The man himself however has no heir at this time and a few within the human population hope that his death will perhaps bring a new era for the human kingdoms even if most of the human lords are just as bad as their king.

The humans have the possiblity to excell at many arts and crafts, As well as become capable warriors, sorcerors and rogues. It is becuase of this that they have survived the most despite starting the wars in the first place.

Racial abilities (Pick 2)

Military mastery : Attack and armor to military units trained increased
Skilled : 10 bonus skill points for your avatar
Command : Humans excell at commanding their troops and thus human units who are within 20m of the players avatar gain movement speed and higher morale.
(TOWN MODE ONLY) Rapid Expansion : Buildings in your village / town / city build 20% faster.

The Elves

The elves are perhaps the least military minded race of the world, Perhaps this is why the human kings decided to expand into their lands so quickly. However little known to the humans the elves excel at magic and make devestating magic weilders. They live to the south of the human kingdoms within the forests of Tali'alisala or 'The graceful leaf'. This forest has been the elves sacred home for centuries and they defend it fiercely as the humans found out. Led by high councilor Gir'mindarlor. The elves have suffered greatly from the wars and have since retreated deep within the forests to recover.

Racial Abilities (Pick 2)

Magic Mastery : Magic attack of all trained magic users increased
Magical affinity : Bonus skill points added to all magic skills excluding necromancy.
(TOWN MODE ONLY) Gift of the forest : Are 'gifted' wood from the forest, Wood generation increased.
Agile : All elf units and avatar's dodge / armor increased.

The Dwarves

Dwarves of the land dwell deep within the mountains of Gorrak'agondor far to the west of the humans and elves. These stubborn people do not trust easily and took heavy losses in their war with the orcs to the south. They are lead by High King Grom'Agor and he is a proud and noble dwarf despite his mistrust for other races.

Racial abilities (Pick 2)

(TOWN MODE ONLY) Mining Mastery : Workers gold and stone mining greatly increased.
Stubborn : Health of Avatar and trained troops increased
Weapon Master : Damage of avatar and trained troops increased.
Resistance : Damage taken from spells and fire decreased.

The Orcs

(Coming Soon)

This is a rough part of an idea i cooked up, Its not complete mind you so its very rough as i say, Will complete it later when i get time. The story is far from done so not very in depth at the moment
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