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Now after reading over Joseph Visscher idea behind Castle Wars Online, it got me thinking and I’ve come up with my own version of what I would like to see in an MMORTS.

This is just a draft. So spelling and grammar not so good.

Part 1.

Currencies - Gold, Silver, Stone, Wood, Food & Honor.

Gold: Purchasing of Troops, siege equipment, the construction of your castle including buildings, walls and defensive siege equipment.
Silver: Upgrades for armor and weapons, also used in research to improve your castles walls and siege equipment.
Stone: Used in the construction of your Castle’s walls, buildings, siege equipment and for repairing damaged walls and buildings.
Wood: Used in the construction of your buildings.
Food: Food is used in the purchasing of troops. And upkeep of armies.
Honor: can be gained from completing quests and PvP. Honor is used to buy Hero units.

Races -Humans, Dwarfs, Elves and Orcs. Each race has special bonuses to their currencies and has an elite unit which only that race can control. Only 1 elite unit can be used per army.

Humans: Located in the Grassy Plains. Bonuses to Food.
Dwarfs: Located in the Snowy Mountains. Bonuses to Gold.
Elves: Located in the Elvin Forests. Bonuses to Wood.
Orcs: Located in the Wastelands. Bonuses to Stone.

Lords - Each race comes with three different types of Lords which a player can pick from, melee, ranged and horseback, all lords have different special abilities. E.g. Battle cry, increases nearby units attack speed by 10% for 30secs. All Lords automatically come with bodyguards.

Army Slots- Each race starts off with 2 army slots each army can have maximum of 20 units including Lords and Hero units, players can purchase more army slots which cost more gold each time one is purchased and each army requires food upkeep. Armies will slowly eat away at the food allocated to them. If an army runs out of food a units stats will grow weaker and over time die of starvation. Each time a new slot is purchased before that army can be used in combat it requires a hero unit to lead it.

Hero Unit – Hero units can be purchased at Inn’s using Honor to lead armies. When a player purchases a new army slot they are required to have a hero lead that army. Heroes don’t come with special abilities but there unit has bonuses to their stats. Hero units will come up randomly which can be purchased at an Inn.

Unit Stats – Each unit comes with 3 different types of stats.

Speed: How fast the unit can move, this also depends on unit upgrades and some weapons and armors will affect units movement speed.
Health: Every unit comes with base health limit. This cannot be upgraded.
Agility: Agility will determine how fast unit attacks and how much damage a unit will do.

Units which have taken damage from battle will continue onto the next back with that damage. Players can heal units for the cost of gold. Players can save formation templates for their army. E.g. Archers at the back footmen at the front.

Damage Types - There are 3 different types of Slashing, Crushing and Piercing.

Armor Types – There are 3 different types of armors units will have. Light, Medium and Heavy. Units with heavy armor will move slower, units are limited to type of armor they can use. Each armor has bonuses verses different types of damage.

Players vs Player – Players can battle in random 1v1 PvP battles where it can be on open ground with random maps or even defending against siege warfare.
Players can team up in 2v2 and 3v3, teams cannot do siege warfare and Maps are random.

Players can enter maximum size of 20 units including lord or heros and no smaller than 10 units into PvP battles. When a battle begins players have 30secs to setup their armies formation, players are able to use per saved formations.
Players can only place there army inside of the green zone. Green zone is area on the map allocated to your Army before battle.

Weather System – Players will be faced with random weather conditions when on the battlefield such as fog and rain, which will affect different units.

Economy – More advanced economy system where the trade market is player controlled. Players can sell troops and siege equipment via the market and buy different races troops.

Research & Upgrade System - Players can research new units, weapons, armor, buildings, siege equipment and castle upgrades. Now how the upgrade system works when a new research is completed for example new type of armor the players then can select a unit garrisoned at your castle for that upgrade. Some units can’t use different upgrades, each time a player upgrades a unit it will cost Silver.

Alliances – Alliances can be formed where other players can join, their armies will fall under the banner of that alliance. Alliance castle can be built which are larger than player owned castles.

Each alliance has its own in-game treasury and message board and info about the alliance and a rooster of players joined. Ranks can be given to players to allow them access parts of their alliance functions such as recourses, recruitment and design and building of the castle.

PvP in Alliance battles are larger, up to 8 players per team. To create an alliance it will cost X amount of gold and recourses to purchase a building plot. Building alliance castle is far more costly and alliance castles don’t generate income, players must donate recourses in order to build their castle. This includes Honor.

Damage done to alliance castles continue over to their next battle. Alliance battles don’t happen at random players within the alliances with the right rank can form groups of players and enter battles, defending or attacking will be at random.

A battle won in alliances battles, earns you Honor and Gold, and also effects you ranking on the Alliance Ladder. A minimum of 4 players must be grouped before an alliance battle can be started.

Alliances must pay a monthly upkeep feed of gold to the king. Players are given 1 week grace after they missed payment to pay the bill or their alliance will disband.
Alliance armies are made up of units built at the alliance castle, players cannot trade or buy units at alliance castles. Alliances must invest recourses to build armies.

Ladder – There will be 2 types of ladder Systems.
Casual Ladder: Based on 1 vs 1 PvP battles between players.
Alliance Ladder: Larger scale of PvP where alliances with mixed teams earn their alliance points towards the ladder.

Quests – Players can select quests from the King. Some quests are PvP some are PvE where you will be needed to defend your Castle against invasions etc.
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