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Old 10-17-2011, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Sunleader View Post
I still say this
Units are bugged beyond recognition
having healing rates of 90 points per tick
doing damages of 1500 with each swing

as long as the bug which keeps creating crazy units like that does exist
it is totally useless to talk about balance
since no matter how much the values are decreased
if the bug keeps adding em up again it wont change the unit in the slightest
Bugged Units kill each other Unit with One Hit
if they do so by doing 10 times the enemys health or just by doing 3 times the enemys health doesnt matter
but actually that would already mean that they are nerfed to 30% of their original strengh
means unless bugged they wont even kill a peasant anymore

I dont get people dont get this into their heads ....
What this guy said, right now any unit can me very op, I have on GM with 4k a swing and another one with 430 a swing both lvl 6, the avrg is 537 for the rest of my GM. I actually kinda like this bug it makes me feel like its real life some unit are more op and some are weaker than their sappose to be.

The guy who died from a all MGM army should have had pikes or somthing, my 2x Sentry stop the charge of 4 MGM, its called tackle, and u use it at the right time, they dismount and kill the calvary that charges, Iam sure Orc have somthing similiar ( only race I havnt played).

I call it the Reality bug:: I actually think this bug should be added to and a range should be set for each character some would be +15% than normal and some -15% with a range, it's not just rock, paper, scissors anymore its luck or the draw as well. Kinda like the real life some people are better than others and some are worse.

They just nerf elves GM and archers, and they dont need to nerf anymore, what is needed, is a revamp on the balance of all the races. I feel like a scramble of stat base system would make this game unique and a person would die if one of his or her units die which is unique =)
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