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Originally Posted by Magicmud83 View Post
What was seen in Lord of the Rings isn't real life. A horse is not large enough to walk let alone run through hundreds of people. Can they ram into 3-4 people and send them flying? Sure but they will lose their momentum doing so and the horse will come to a stop jammed on the sides by people or tripping over bodys sending the rider flying. When we put this into game terms of units of 12-30 people rather then a few hundred we need the cav charge to do a good amount of damage on impact with a enemy not a 25 sec buff for 100% more damage not to mention them putting thier weapons down or letting go of the reins to grab a healing potion mid combat.

Cav should come in for a charge do some damage then pull out and regroup for another charge using their speed to ride around troop to get them from behind not endlessly ride through any many enemys as they want without slowing down and being as effective and a foot solider in combat while bouncing around steering a horse at high speeds.

Edit~ Just wanted to add a little something as long as we are talking about movies. You know how in a zombie movie they always get the biggest truck or bus and slap on steel plates over the windows to drive through the zombie horde to break free? A bus is ment to hold a good nomber of people and wieght and move a decent speed of 50-60 mph while a warhorse was covered in armor and carry a single person also with armor but the bus moves through the zombies at a snails speed due to the large amount of them and sometimes tips over but the flesh and bone horse wouldn't and can go as far and fast as it likes?
leaving that aside,it's why I'd say a damage reduction would be good.I'l trample with them,run back and trample and repeat
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