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Old 10-16-2011, 12:46 PM
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GPS51 is someone to look uptoGPS51 is someone to look upto

GV 1.0.7 Sieging Makada. I was unable to manually target any gate gears(moving troops on top of them let them auto attack them). I was unable to select 90% of the towers to attack when using trebuchets. The torches from destroyed walls stay lit and in place after the wall has been destroyed. I can't walk over destroyed walls with my troops. The body piles are unable to be set on fire at Makada.

GV 1.0.7 Sieging Dagbor/Thorndale. Units get stuck on the destroyed outer gatehouses and are unable to move. This means that getting 1 out of a 20 unit battlion will automatically pull the entire unit to stand on the destroyed gatehouse ensuring death for your troops when you're not looking.
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