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Old 10-16-2011, 11:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Freor View Post
Not entirely sure its the name of the unit "Mounted Grandmasters" but i mean those elven horsemen, the ones with melee weapons and some sort of charge.. Those can wipe army 2x their size in 10seconds without taking almost any damage.

Sad thing is there is sometimes 100str Mounted Grandmaster armies wiping out newbies first armies.. giving very poor picture of the game for new players... would be good to get fix to this bug as soon as possible.

Also before implementing sieges, would be nice to fix the bug where you can instantly reload catapult by moving the catapult and re-attacking right after catapult has fired.. this bug would make it too easy to get through walls.
Grand Masters just got nerf in last nights patch, there blade frenzy was reduce by half from +150 armor to 60. I actually find Bladestorms to be more usful in other situation.
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