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Originally Posted by Dreamwalker View Post
I used to be addicted to Battle for Middle Earth 2, but the devs really seemed to forget about that game fast (there was like, 1 patch; that's it).

Heroes of Might and Magic 5 is good (I sucked at this game for sooo long; it was just recently that I figured out how to actually play the game ).

Europa Universalis Rome is like what Valk was talking about, just in an early Roman period (not that I ever play Romans; ick! I'm either greek, celtic, or some middle-eastern civ or other )

I play Civilization 4, but only with one extremely awesome mod: Fall from Heaven 2. It is the ultimate fantasy mod for Civ, and the lore is excellent. Even DOF could learn a thing or two from it!

And of course, Age of Mythology is always a favorite (I mean, it's Age of Empires with gods and mythical creatures; what's not to like? )
I played Battle for middle earth 1 alot tried the 2nd one but didn't like it as much.

Heroes of might and magic 5 was one of the worst in that series by far imo, try heroes 3 or 4 those are the best ones... hell even heroes 1 is good, tho the units take up like 1/4 of your screen.

Never tried EU rome, as long as it's much alike EU2 i should try it out i think. same here tried EU 3 and didn't like it.

Civ 4 was fun but Civ 5 is alot better, and there's some very good mods there aswell.

and ofc i've always been a fan of the AoE series, AoE 2 and mythology is by far the best ones here, I'm up for a match in these games at any times.
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