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Old 10-15-2011, 07:05 AM
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Europa Universalis 2 - A strategy game where you get to control a nation throughout 1419-1820.
In addition you have to control it's economy, military, religion, scientific development, colonization as well as exploration. Very fun game with a hard learning curve.

Civilization 5 - Turn based strategy game, very fun like the rest of the games in this series. the player leads a civilization from prehistoric times into the future, building wonders, start wars, expand your civlization. A very good time consuming game.

Starcraft 2 - RTS don't think i have to mention much here.

League of Legends or simply LoL - A ripoff from the warcraft 3s DotA, free to play, fun too play with friends, and easy to learn.

OpenTTD(transport tycoon deluxe) - The game was made in 1994 but still recives updates, it's a economy manageing game where you build transportation network using trucks, busses, trains, aeroplanes and boats to link together industries and towns on the map and transport the cargo they produce.

Soon goin' to try Heroes of Might and Magic 6 which got released earlier this week, hope it's as good as HoMaM 3.
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