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Old 10-15-2011, 06:50 AM
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Originally Posted by ThatguyAds1298 View Post
So anyway what are you guys playing other then DoF at the moment?

I myself currently have TONS of games i bought but havnt played, The list is very long and i really need to get started on them but alas Dawn of Fantasy and writing taking up so much of my time. However very recently i have been getting into a couple of games after a long time of not playing them.

-Dragon age 2 + All the DLC, This is quite scary actually.. I havnt played the game in a while and havnt even completed it, Yet i buy the DLC as soon as its released, Though i have made an effort and have invested some time to this game recently. It is an awesome game though once you start playing i just need to give it some more time.

-Two Worlds 2 + Pirates DLC, Really like this game as it has some great additions that are great for any RPG game such as crafting and a cool magic system, However this is one of the games im playing at the moment when i get time.

-Fallout : New Vegas + All DLC, Another game thats quite good that i play off and on (Not as much as the others in truth) An yea.. another one i buy the dlc for but dont play as much..

-Venetica : This RPG i have not seen much news of but i quite enjoy playing it. I own it for both 360 and PC (Play it on PC though), Decent story i thought, again not completed yet.

-White Knight Chronicles 1-2, Not amazing but i like the story a lot slowly getting through it and having fun so thats what counts in the end.

-Divinity 2 : Dragon knight Saga, LOVE this game...Larian Studios did a good job with this in my opinion i also used to play the first two games 'Divine Divinity' and 'Beyond Divinity' Not perfect and not as 'well known' as say dragon age but damn, It has some great features! Again...not completed but ill get there!

Those are the games im crawling through at the moment at a VERY slow pace (Thank you Reverie). Im very curious as to what games the players / devs are playing at the moment other then DoF obviously.

Notice all my listed games are RPG games.. im a bit of an RPG fan and its been a long time since i played FPS, used to play soldier of fortune 2 an awful lot back in the day though.

Sorry if this has been posted before, i did have a look quite a few pages back in the pub section as well as a quick search that didnt turn up much so i thought itd be fun to post this and see what you guys are up to.

Oh and i almost forgot... Last but definatly not least : Shogun 2!
lol i play magic world online on private server when I am not on DOF and asssassin creed brotherhood. I used to play divinity 2 but i finished it a few times (archer ftw). As for dragon age 2 i smashed by dvd after I finished it,i hated that game.
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