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Old 10-14-2011, 11:47 PM
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Based on the symptoms your describing and my experience, I think I may know whats causing your problem and no you won't be able to fix it using that mouse, the problem is due to the update speed of that mouse and the game input handler code w/Windows requirements for applications running. That mouse is a High Performance Gaming mouse and I don't believe this game has an option to 'Disable Hardware Mouse handling' which is how most programs handle it (using program code nicknamed 'Windows Pacifier' function and more colorful names).

Don't suppose you have a cheap standard mouse to swap it out with and see if the game still exhibits the same behaviour?

The problem is most likely that Windows interupts applications everytime mouse input is detected (the first 100 lines of any windows program incorporates this) and the program has to handle it within a certain time or Windows kills the application. Problems occur when the update is extremely high and the code tries to actually process the input immediately or logging in a queue because that code has to be very lean and efficient or have a very BIG queue, if it doesn't then its usually not done before it gets another input update and basically causes the program to stutter/stall and if input is constant Crash because Windows kills the process thinking its hanged due to its inability to respond to this Windows Call. Most 'Windows Pacifiers' are simple code functions that take the input and overwrite a simple data structure and respond to windows to let it know everythings OK and then transfer it to the Actual input handler when the process feels its time to update that. Basically its one of those Pain in the Butt Windows things and really only typically happens with High Performance input in Heavily burdened applications. Simple to fix but often overlooked. Anytime you see an option setting thats 'Hardware Mouse ...' something thats usually what that setting turns on and off - doesn't matter whether your using DirectInput, Xinput or Windows handlers since they all report to & have to satisfy Windows or it kills the application thinking an error has occurred.

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