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Originally Posted by ThatguyAds1298 View Post
Haha, I considered doing this to mate. Please let us know how it turns out it would help this discussion i believe to see if those pesky gobbo's are hiding their true power.
I've been testing a bit and it's not too bad. The raiders are not bad at all in large numbers but the prowlers are really beast. Very accurate and fire fast. The raiders when grouped up properly can take down even big units in a matter of seconds, like Ogres. The Raiders are also very effective against archers I noticed as long as enough of them stay alive to reach them, which is a problem sometimes. However, with the upcoming nerf to archers those raiders will tear them apart. The swamp Orc bonusses are quite helpful, and pretty much make the Goblins a level stronger than the forest and desert ones. The biggest problem right now are all the out of sync errors because all those Goblins seem to be putting a lot stress on the game during pvp.

Oh and before I forget, the Goblins were lvl 1 while I often got matched against high lvl troops, so if my Goblins were lvled up aswell I believe they are strong enough to be a match for the normal troops.
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