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Old 10-14-2011, 04:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Tenebre1971 View Post
was beafore but lost with all troops for a bug after get this one reseted as lvl 1 and i grow him up to lvl 23, just give me a hero . for information i was forced to play with a different town (bcz cant quest anymore with my principal town) so i pump up all tecnology reserch , build all structure and was doing the chain quest, some camper in pvp search was intersept my army but lost player syncro, so the fight was over without penality but got twice archers and knight...... wasnt fixed??, now to be clear my hero lvl 23 on this town 1 archer lvl 10 3 lvl 8 3 lvl 7 1 lvl 6 3 knight are lvl 7 have lots of workers and 6 caravan so be carful on this whan u clean the duplicate troop
We actually copy the towns we use to test to our development server and use them there, so there's no change of us ruining your cities . And I got some good news for you, I've been using your city to debug this and the current (yet unpublished) fix will give you your lvl 23 hero back!