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Old 10-14-2011, 01:03 PM
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Way to name the army
You can name your army when you create it. Just click where it says the army name e.g. 'Army 3' and type in the name you want it to have. you can't change the name of an existing army though.

Fights base just on army stats is bad. You get noob vs pro so add a rank multiplier with more wins.
Something like that might be added in when there are more players. If we did that now, it would be even harder to find a match.

Cut gold farming. Too easy to rebuy everything. 10k for a black dragon every 3mins is a bit much.
Increase training and mercenaries cost. Instant buying a army and ranking make losing meaning less.
Decrease influence gain from quest and pvp. Its to fast it should be harder.
I agree with these.
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