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Old 10-14-2011, 01:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Tenebre1971 View Post
Ok due some buggs i lost 3 times the hero lvl, but able to pop up in the city and do again and again the experienxe to make him grow up agin and again around lvl 23-25, now lost forever and i'm very wondering that cant get him back and i have to start to building up a new city...again, i always read carfuly all patch note and i understood that now all workers dosent stop to work..... my last dwarf miners (was 2 beafore the patch 1 missed i dont know how) still stop to work when log in out the game, restarted also the computer and refreshed windows but no way to get back the hero, i spoke with a lot of guys in in game system chat but someone wasnt get beafore the problem (so cant help me at all but was a good one) someone else was answering that i no need hero to play the game so conclusion after the game lunch i bealive there are 2 kind of guys 1 dosent care at all about game, other try to do the best to solve all buggs, i wont blame the second one but i realy apeciate this guy but thinking i pay 50 euro for a beta game. So back to ask a solution to have heros back and let us play the game, 1 guy want tell the name killed all my army with elven cavalery in 6 second, and then after ask me to pay (again bug) as i retire from the match because the fight will not end for a bug, i was forced in order to play a bit to agree 2 times but i said no last time... and u know what happen was tell me in aroggant way take ur birthday present..... this is the way?

Originally Posted by Fenrir_Icewolf View Post
Can you try once more to relocate or replace my hero to my hometown? He still shows up in NPC cities but when I leave town he's not with my army nor at my home town, and has no select-able portrait at any time.

Hey, are you sure it's your hero that appears in NPC cities and not just some other unit (you get to move a normal unit in the city if you don't have a hero in the army). Also what's your account name, city name and on which slot do you have it so we can try to debug this.

Really sorry about this! After today's patch you will atleast get a replacement hero in your homecity if the real one gets lost somehow. Obviously we'll still have to figure out why the heroes go hiding. - Cowards, I guess!

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