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To Dreamwalker:: thank you for adding that. i forgot about the market system i will make sure to edit my post and add that in.

To Magicmud83:: That is a interesting idea and i strongly encourage you to post something about its implementation . But i see problems with this from a development perspective. Every race in DOF is different in almost every way this creates a sense of individualism in a player and that is not easy to balance. There is a very elaborate system of balancing these races in the works and i fear that your idea would cause a break in this system. For example the humans have a tech that allows their units to gain xp faster. Your proposal would negate this advantage and the system would have to be rebalanced. Also you would have to find a way to give this concept to every race in a different way. Not just in the sense of the model art work but in the game mechanics as well(example: how much would it cost? how much time would it take build and/or research? does my race get it at all?). Another problem is how this would make sense to the player (example: how does giving my mercenary a rock or food make him better at fighting? Does he lift the rock and eat the food to get stronger?). Finally you would need to review the answers to these problems and weigh it against the original state of the game. Answering the questions "was something really broken?" and if it was "is the fix worth the effort?"

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