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This is my own idea. obviously nothing official Ha.

Castle Wars Online.

MMORTS again but a lot more simpler.

Currencies: Experience and Gold.
Gold: Gold is used to purchase troops, construct siege weaponry, upgrade armor and weapons, refil, reuse and construct defensive siege equipment such as boiling oil or rolling logs.
Experience: Experience is used to research and unlock building types, unit types, siege weapons, wall types, wall upgrades, troops armor and weapon upgrades.

Races: Only Humans, but many many different types of customization for units and walls.

Main aspects:
Players and their custom built castles go into a 1v1, 2v2, or free for all battle that pastes these castles into each corner of the map. You build the walls the way you want for real, not like Dof's preplaced designs. You can also build buildings anyway inside your wall layer. These buildings are purely for military production and improvement.

Castle wall limitations:
Castle must have a gate which is accessible to the outer corner to the inner keep, there is a no build area around your keep and you can build only so far to the edge of the map where you will get pasted into other maps with other castles. other than that your design is your own but players and yourself must be able to go in and out of your castle and keep.

Each castle has a keep inside which holds the king, I could see 3 main gamemodes:
Elimination - Destroy the King of the other players, King would be controllable with alot of health a tank type of unit that could fight with his army.
Capture the Keep - Have units inside the keep with no enemies around and the king will surrender, king is uncontrollable and does not fight.

Your castle and troops go from one game to the next. Including damages.

Aside from the gamemodes there would be the sandbox build mode, where you are alone building your castle or training troops, upgrades, wall upgrades, etc before entering a match. In this gamemode you have control to repair, remove, replace or simply move your walls buildings etc, when removing a wall you are refunded its cost in the percentage of its health, so if its 50% health you get 50% back. Walls, buildings and units can only be changed, trained and edited in this gamemode.

You start with only a few available segments of weak wooden wall which would be free for up to a number of segments per game with a shaggy weak gate which any old sword can ram through. You start with only small basic unit types and have to work your way up unlocking other more advanced units and equipment.

There would be around 3 types of humans lightweight, medium weight, heavy weight, each with their own weight limit and base speed, agility and health. Each type of equipment would weigh an unique amount, so a light weight could not possibly even carry the heaviest sword of the heavy weight.
Each of the 3 types have unique hitpoints, the number of successful hits before they die. each stage would add 1 hitpoint, so a light weight will die on any successful enemy hit that pierces his armor and or gets past his agility with a lethal blow, meanwhile a heavy weight can take 2 hits then go down. Thing is is the lightweight is faster and is more agile able to dodge heavies' swings most times.

There is 3 factors to a 'hit' on a unit:
Agility - ability to counter or deflect or dodge a strike.
Armor - It hits but it does not pierce the armor to do any damage.
Hitpoints - a successful hit but for heavies and mediums will need more than 1 successful hits before dying.

A sub factor for Armor is that there is 3 type of armor types: Slashing, Crushing, Piercing, each giving different percentages of a successful hit depending on the types of damage.

Here are the types of damages:
Slashing from swords and sharp swiping type of weapons.
Crushing from physical impact such as war hammers or large projectiles such as javelins.
Piercing from arrows and spears that pierce the armor straight on.

Projectiles will be handled more realistically not like how Dof does it. There is an amount of arrows that each archer can carry, which each one effects his weight and therefore speed and agility, The projectiles are fired by your command and are very deadly if used correctly, the chances of killing something with them depends on the type of armor of that unit that it is hitting, the speed of the arrow on impact and the orientation of that unit, if a unit has a shield and is facing the archer it will do nothing at all, and the type of arrow, some arrows will be light and wont even pierce the armor of a heavy.
Projectiles can hit allies. projectiles can not be reloaded if under attack, if you have a group of archers and they are being attacked by melee, they will have to draw a dagger or what ever you give them to defend themselves, they will not be able to shoot arrows through each other or from blank range.

Battalions: There are none, single units.

Unit Cap, 100-200 single units. each and every one customizible and micromanagable.

All the animations would be shared among the 3 types as well the ability to have any type of armor or weapon on.

Units would have no experience or skill only depends what they wear.

As i stated above equipment would be researched with experiance.

How to earn Experience and Gold.
Gold would be earned through any combat, for kills mostly but also for damaging other players walls. For a win in the game all of your gold earned in that game is multiplied by 50% so winning is the best, but losing will not make you lose massive amounts of gold.
Experience is earned through achieving goals such as ramming down a gate, defending your own gate, killing troops on your walls or capturing enemy walls, destroying siege equipment or units that where damaging your walls, and winning the match by: killing the king, being in a team that kills an enemy king, capturing or defending your keep.

Game Model:
-Able to buy Experience with real money.
-Able to hold a 'Prestige Account' which earns 50% more gold at all times using Experience to pay for it per day or per week.
-Able to buy unique wall designs that are visual only (not game effecting) with real money.
-Able to buy unique unit armor designs that are visual only (not game effecting) with real money.

-Possible projects: 'Rent' Server space with real money for custom unit textures of your walls and or troops and armor, make your own custom armor (each texture is checked to see if its profane if it is you will be banned from this feature.
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