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Originally Posted by ThatguyAds1298 View Post
I was thinking some sort of RPG sandbox experience, with some awesome online features just like DoF's online kingdom, Where you can build a village or something but are able to walk around in first person as you play the game and do quests pvp and all that.
I had an idea a while ago a bit like that, but a bit different: first of all, your character is a powerful sorcerer/demigod.

In singleplayer, it's the ultimate sandbox: you create your kingdom, use your powers to design creatures and such, and so on; but you can even create enemies for you to fight, both on purpose and aciendently; though just because you can make enemies, dosen't mean you can kill them!

In multiplayer, you fight against other demigods, trying to take over the map. But the other players arn't the only rivals; there might be some AI neutrals on the map too, who can be really annoying in the early game.

The maps would be radically different, from flat plains to primordial islands to a suburban town.

But throughout the entire game, you play as your demigod, in RPG style: leveling up your character to gain more powers.
That was so funny, I laughed twice.
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