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Originally Posted by Magicmud83 View Post
Would work yes but I'd like them to have a fully paid crowns option, crown discount, and cash only to keep the harecore and casual player base happy. Those that play alot will get what they want with effort and those with less time will get what they want instantly with cash. Most rst games online are browser based games and free to play, they also have a good amount of players on them due to money problems. We want them to leave those games and come here and the free expansion option would be a big seller to them.

~Edit~ It's like how Eve Online works you can play for free pretty much by being active in game and buying game time with ingame money and the ppl without the time to do that buy the game time cards to sell ingame or pay a monthly fee. Last I heard tho Eve online devs got greedy and made a cash shop which pretty much forced players to fork over cash for a edge and their was a mass exodus of players that have been around forever quiting the game. Not sure of the details of it tho rly.
there shouldnt be a option to pay for the expansions with JUST crowns. for the mere fact that if we want this game to be successful, then the devs need a to earn a living. that living comes from us paying them. partial by useing crowns to get a discount is for the sake of "the hardcore" players. but they still should have to pay per say 50% of the cost with their own money. to ensure the dev's actually can afford to continue and support the game no?
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