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Old 10-12-2011, 02:40 PM
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Im just going to hop in here and say something..

Its to bad that you dont feel the game is for you and have decided to persue a refund, So i wish you the best. I know a lot of players however who are enjoying the game a lot even though there are problems (Which are being fixed).

You have to remember that real effort is being put into this game, From both players and developers. No one is sitting doing nothing, Bug reports are being reported / looked at and the overall support for the game is really good. As Henry said some games do not get much support after the game is released. An if you take this into consideration id say we are very lucky to have players and devs who care.

Finally, If you are upset with the game due to problems in game, Why not take a short break for a week or two? I know it must be hard to do this as you believe your money is wasted. However i strongly believe that you should heed this advice and come back after a short time. The amount of bug fixes happening is going at a super fast rate, I really think you can enjoy this game.

If you are set on giving up though as i said earlier, Take care and i wish you the best. An sorry for the long post, I was just trying to explain my opinion on the matter.
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