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Old 10-12-2011, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Magicmud83 View Post
On the other hand being able to buy expansions with crowns will keep people more active and playing the game while the save up. The more active the players are the higher chance they bring their friends along to join them and the better hype it gets on gamer websites which would increase sales. With so many other MMO's on the market being able to get expansions just for playing sets this game apart for the others and is pretty nice for thoses without alot of spare cash to spend.

Making a new type of crowns from cash users that made market items and expansions half the normal crowns price could keep the grinders happy so they save money and the people with less time to play happy as long as they dont over do it and give a really large egde to the cash users turning this into a P2W.

Yeah my step would work no?

Originally Posted by White935 View Post
I support this. thought personally i hope they add PAID expensionpacks rather than for crowns. perhaps add Partial (so you can pay Crowns for a discount) cost in real money, so that the company/dev's Earn extra to keep em going.

Simply If you Pay per say 100 crowns into the expansion pack The price on the Store for the digital expeansion pack drops by per say 45% and you have to pay the remains with your own credit card to activate the expansion.

on the other hand, expansion packs should be optional, so even without it you should still be able to fight against the new races, but you'll be unable to make a city of your own as one.
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