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Old 10-11-2011, 06:08 PM
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Default crown/influence

personally from what i have understood until now from game, crown can ge gathered by quest and pvp won

technically its ok, but....

just think about crown, or incluence as other call, what can we do with that?
atm u can spend crown to buy some upgrade (1/3 crown per upgrade generally), or enforce your town, or principally to buy dragons or other special units...

but i think this system is not so good

with very low crown u can easily buy all upgrade, and build all towers and walls
i got about 20 crown from pvp and other from quest, and my town is ended, my upgrade are about half, and im not a draon buyer (only loser imho buy dragon to win)
so what can i do with crown?

i have a proposal

crown needed to becore stronger and have greater army, how?

into town i can upgrade my army until 5, no more
crown could be spent to go over, maybe until 8 (9 and 10 only for very veteran army)
secondary, and imho most important: when pvp fight will be more stable, crown will be gained if win, but lost if u lose battle

oh too hard i hear from ppl wont lose crown, but i think only best player have to get crown, and so greater army
looser, or noobs, must be penalized to army max lvl 5 (obviosuly army can upgrade alone fighting, using crown is only a fastway)

to do an example
1 vs 1
if u win u get 3 crown
if lose u lose 1

so crown will spawn up for all community

there could be other solution, but pls give sense to crown
i saw a guy won 30 crown in a fight, pratically he can end all town and upgrade with a single fight, why play more ?
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