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Old 10-11-2011, 04:16 AM
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Goblin Dmg and Numbers are fine actually. 90x30 is superior to quite a few. but their quite to squishy to be used in such as per say sieges.

Note these are my personal beliefs, you may just be as right as me <.< i just believe this over that <.<.

Our real issues (in my belief) is that our main units are to weak.

Or main figther "Slayer" appears to be beaten at every oppertunity, and cant match up to other races. likewise with impailer, (super low dmg). the Wargs riders also have been reported to be rather quishy and usually is half dead by the time it does a single charge throught the enemy lines.

Also Theres No upgrade for Mounted Troops (wargs rider) OR berserkers (cannot find any upgrades for our berserkers)
"Orks is never beaten in battle, if we wins we wins, if we die we die so it don't count as beat, an' if we runs for it we don't die neither, so we can always come back for another go!"
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