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Old 10-10-2011, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
All of your examples are sadly false. The game works in beats of 0.25 seconds, which is 250ms or within 250 Ping, every command you make it sent to the other player(s) as well as all of their commands inwhich each player simulates the game then by locally per beat, the next beat will not begin until all packets are received for that beat. Out of sync happens if unit health damage etc etc many different things are not the same atwhich time an out of sync dump log is written detailing that player's stats of everything ingame running, which we can compare the two logs of each players to find where it went out of sync.

The main enemy right now behind out of sync is extremely rare coding errors, which are being fixed asap, but logs of these are welcome. There should be reward if it goes out of sync but it should also close the game fully afterwards as this will reduce the number of out of syncs as these errors will no longer influence the game.

If both players fully exit the game and go back in then start a pvp match the odds of the game going out of sync will be greatly reduced.

Either way, it will be fixed in time and I am very sorry we did not have the time to fix it before release, But please remember Bugs aren't the problem, figuring out how to fix them is.
I.ll forgive that you earnestly keep ignoring my pleading about a Workaround
guess this wont happen then
if you dont even comment it I guess you dont even want to consider it

then with the remaining stuff ......

You are saying my Statement is False
yet you are saying that the current Game is pretty much working after my second example of Online Games working

a 250ms beat that waits for both Mashines is exactly what I said
a Syncronized Lag caused by the Server to keep Syncronization
but well guess this is partly my fault as I am not able to translate this properly

As for the Bug itself
Calling it "Rare" is a pretty daring statement
I had about 30 Battles so far of which over 20 went out of sync
actual chance on this error is at least 66% in this case
and that only because I partly used Armys with very few troops in them
which are pressing the percentage since with any Army above 500+ strengh I had not even ONE Battle which did not go Out of Sync

But I am not here to discuss something like that with you guys
I am well aware that I cant mess with professionals

So as far as I understand you the Clients Process the Gameplay
then send it to the server
which is delaying the packages until both partys have send em (which would explain the massive lag upon ordering Units)
when all packages are received it forwards em to the players

Well as I said this is pretty much the second method I explained

But something is going wrong
well we all know that

now apparently the chance of OOS increases with army size

Which would actually point on lag or networking issues but not to a coding error
but well as I said I am not messing with the Experts

So leaving all this aside
I hope this is going to be fixed in soon future
as it is impossible to pvp with any larger army as it is now

Greetz Sun
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