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Old 10-09-2011, 01:50 PM
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i have better ideas imho

first of all, goblins dont need stealth, its a elf skill
goblin are wonderful, i wanna subline, WONDERFUL
who think they are useless, go away from this threat lol

mythology say goblins were rogues prncipally, so i guess they should have looting ability, like marauders, nothing less nothing more
their run ability is very good

i should be interesting if goblin could get a mount , little wargs for them, giving them ability o shoot and fight from wargs, obviously not great damage, they are just ganker

ogres who climb are just a word...LOL
personally, like mytholoty and other games too, ogres should take also the rule of wall breaker, becoming an half siege weapon for crush down walls, at last wooden, and remove completely battering hammer for orks.

about a graphic advice, slayer should be orks tank, but they are graphically naked, can u pls staff put some armor on? and leave impaler naked?
if berserk have to run and fight fastly, slayer are just arrow keeper, in fact they have abillity specific...

just one more thing, i know other race have healers, while orks not
i don wanna ask the introduction of a shaman, too complicated, just i wanna ask if rks can have a regeneration ability, that slowly regenerate life lost, just a bit more then other races
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