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Old 10-09-2011, 07:37 AM
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Just had a funny idea, (More amusing then anything else)

What if ogres could climb enemy walls? lets face it they are big and strong enough. Now hear me out first!

A few things for this suggestion :

-They can be attacked by archers when cliimbing (Obviously)
-if there are troops on the wall section they are climbing they cant get on the wall, so they hang there swinging their club over the wall top at the enemy for reduced melee damage (Club in their free hand and other hand holding on to the wall)
-if there are no troops on the wall section, then they can get onto the walls.
-They are very slow at climbing (So the defending player can react)

Basicly ogres are listed as siege troops, and yet they dont really do anything siege related, Whatcha think? you may laugh or cry!
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