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You should monitor me when I PvP. Seriously I seem to find every bug there is haha. Here are things that happen to me regularly since the last patch. Might be good to see a list of issues for multiplayer in the one spot.

- Out of sync (for me always occurs when I first strike the enemy, rarely other times)
- Crashes (server going down)
- Units take 2 steps forward and 1 step back
- Multiple attempts to select battalions
- Game stuck on "Searching for target..." with no way to exit
- PvP match crashes before start, the town names get burnt into your screen (still) but not as many names as before
- Other player spawning with 0 units (happen to others not me)
- Killing the opposition but no victory flag triggered only happens occassionly (without a hero)
- If the opposition has a hero a victory flag won't be triggered (happens to others I haven't encountered it yet)
- Bugged units with significantly high attack
- No control over units abillities, formations or stances there is nothing where these buttons are supposed to be (happens to other not me)
- Pay off amount burns into the screen if the game ends while hovering over the pay off button
- If someone closes, exits or logs out during a PvP match the player remaining does not receive a pay off or influence

If I find more I'll edit this to add them. If you have questions about the above I will be more then happy to help and if it hasn't happened to me (which I indicated) I can point you in the direction of people who have experienced it.
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