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Old 10-08-2011, 05:21 PM
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Default Impossible to PvP appeal to the Devs

Well after another 5 Battles my Statistic has not become better

So Far I have 5 Victorys, 3 Defeats, 41 Out of Sync and maybe about 20 or 30 tries were the Searching for Battle Screen did not stop anymore and I forced me to crash the game

Just now I tried 5 times to PvP
well over 50 Influence should have been awarded yet I got 0 Influence since every single Battle went out of sync
and every single battle went out of Sync AFTER I already engaged into the Battle
so I lost Units for nothing

I once more try to Appeal to the Devs
pls either fix those Issues
or at least make some workaround till you fix it
by simply awarding Influence at the Beginning of a Battle or for Kills during the Battle
or by deciding the Victor by most kills when it goes out of sync
or anything like that

Greetz Sun
ps I am sorry for those whose Armys I partly crushed today without even awarding Influence for it
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