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Old 10-08-2011, 02:04 PM
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Default Feedback For Devs and Publisher =)

The game is awesome and well made plus looks very good, the concept is really unique and functional, and replayablitiy is big too.

I hope it sells well and you keep developing it further =) some advertising would be good tho, i think many potential players might just simply miss this awesome game, christmass sales are coming too =) btw have you considered deal with steam, would increase sales alot i think ? Contacting pc game magazines could also pay off once the game is little more bug free, maybe ask them to test the game and write about it =) i myself am part of mod team which started developing a modification for popular first person shooter game 2005, and saw how it started as tiny game and developed larger and larger each year and got more and more players, and even today 6-7 years later the player count is just growing and growing and the mod is growing on other games too, i hope this game keeps growing and growing for years too, it deserves it, its so awesome, ppl just need to hear about it, you must tell them about dawn of fantasy =)

Btw one wierd thing what i noticed is that when purchasing the game from your website and then downloading it, this web page can only be viewed with french language, i couldnt get it into english.. this might be bad for some ppl, i just guessed what to write on which field but many might get stuck there ?
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