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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
dof you have to make your army in game, cutting down forests, mining gold and stone, harvesting food through livestock, farming hay, or hunting; then training troops with resources you've collected with several types of military buildings that by the way you built.
It will not be a "browser" out of the game to recruit solders, that just sounds stupid to me.
So its one of those games where you buy from a retail store?

or is it

Buy from our site or another site

Right now i currently play "Ikarium" its a web-browser based game, good game but i dont like web-browser based games,theres no real action or anything. To me the game sounds like it would be in the lines of "Stronghold", buy the game, put the disc in, load game up,login, and play right? because i like it that way "Buy the game,put the disc in,login through game" is much better

but its good to know that Dawn of Fantasy won't be a web-based browser game