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Old 10-07-2011, 02:03 PM
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hey theres been worse effects. its four days. when i bought battlefield badcompany 2 i couldnt play for over a week ( nor could most of the majority). hmm. but yeah i agree it sucks. but the dev's are trying their best to fix this game up (and their very active inthe community) but they needed a couple of days to work intenstively on a couple of things included a feature their required to activate. nonetheless I'm sure asoon as their back online they'll help ya out.

in the meanwhile we should try to see if we cant fix this no? the updater is just a program. obiously this is locally based on your computer ( something that conflicts) just gotta find out what now?.

Would you mind loading up a Dxdiag for me? i'll look it over with my own. and see if theres any major differences, but really i dont think its the specs of it. usually its support programs like java and net framework that's the reason it dosnt work.
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