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Originally Posted by ThatguyAds1298 View Post
I like that idea, the melee goblins getting some sort of stealth, i REALLY like it.

An marauder wont lose purpose, they are used to be trained into other troops and hunting too, And can be called to battle when your city is under attack on short notice.
your forgetting that marauders are our looters. the fact that orcs need their backbone to be able to loot (laboureres are horrible combatants). I think both ranged goblins and meele should get stealth (you dont want to be attacking with just meele after all but a combination, imagine stealthing goblins archers behind the enenmy, then use fire arrows to start a fire from behind, thus forceing the meele confrontration, but marauders should be the backbone of any orc army. for the fact that orcs needs to constantly be looting to maintain their economy late game.
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