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Old 10-07-2011, 10:59 AM
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Default The ork suggestion thread

So anyways thought id make this thread to see if we can brainstorm some ideas for the good ol ork race when it comes to all things.

A few things to keep in mind i suppose are that orks are generally supposed to be a weak defense but strong 'swarm' offense race to play, At the moment though they are very weak in offense but hopefully the balance patch wil change this of course, But lets see if we can get any ideas going.

Ill start i guess, Heres a few ideas i had :

-Increase orc population cap / army size

Now this one is a bit of a debate since orcs do get a lot of units in their unit groups, However they are a swarming offense race and thus maybe they should have a bigger pop cap and army size then the other races.

-Faster spawn rate of great hut OR Huts spawn orcs but at slower rate (Credit to Gwydion for this one)

This one basicly speaks for itself, The spawn rate can be very slow at times, i dont know if its a bug or what but orcs are a horde basicly and maybe should spawn a little faster? (Only orcs... not goblins!), or huts spawn orcs but at a much slower rate then the great hut.

-More units in a group

They swarm.

-More hp

I was in two minds whether to suggest this one for orc units, What made me think 'go for it Adam' is because orcs are supposed to be tough.

-Less ranged focus for orcs, More for goblins (Forest orcs excluded)

'Me orc... me smash!' Sounds good dont it? I think orcs are true melee in many ways and should therefor not be very good with bows, Except the forest orcs, Who gain a bonus to ranged attack due to their location perks. i think Goblins should be the ranged fighters for the orc race of swamp and desert... again my opinion i just think ti would work a lot better for them, it would give the goblins purpose if they were made ranged only and given a bit of a boost.

This is of course just my opinion so balance issues will definetly have to be taken into account obviously, Just a few suggestion to make the orcs a little stronger in the game and allow them to stand up to the humans and elves to which they fight.

Any other suggestions? What do you think?
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