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Old 10-07-2011, 05:52 AM
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I have various issues regarding gatehouses, my normal gatehouses dont upgrade to advanced from the two I tried both now have stuck wall constructionsites inside them. One now has the advanced gatehouse greyed out with a white circle (like it would have if it really got upgraded) the other I can still click (and loose resources) but nothing happens there either.

On my upgraded gatehouse (which was the first and upgrading stopped working after that) the Oil upgrades vanish if I log out and back in.

I play as human in the alpine setting. The upgraded gate where oil upgrades vanish is the northern gate of the inner keep, the normal gatehouse with greyed out upgrades is the northern gate of the outer keep and the normal gatehouse where I can infinitly trigger the upgrade to the advanced gatehouse is the southern gate of the inner keep.

Another bug, my gates themselves show 10400/8000 hitpoints and the green bar extends over the white frame around it - not sure if this was the case before I made the gate upgrade (mind you gate upgrade, not gatehouse upgrade) or if it has something to to do with me having the Defensive Trait.
Or with both.

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