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Old 10-05-2011, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarno Montonen View Post
Hey! Does the chat work while you're playing, is your internet connection usually stable and can you confirm that your internet connection worked when you logged off?

Really sorry for the trouble :\
I see the chat move in the screen, i never realy tried to chat. I often check my email or forums after i log out of gamebefore hitting the sack. I see the lights on my modem on as they should. I will try a new city today and log out and try again to see and get back to you.

But i sometimes alt+tab out to check mail, read forums, or other thigns and the internet works fine. So not sure whats going on. I made sure the firwall wasnt blocking the game itself. Seems ok while im playing.

No major trouble, at first i had my doubts about this game. But after seeing the devs and staff chat constantly on the boards, tons of patches, and a lot of questions cleared up.... I kinda got into it and want to expand my little town and it has been fun.

And thank you for the quick reply.

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