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Old 10-05-2011, 02:48 PM
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Default Help please

Hell, i have a game issue when i play the online version. And this has happened 4 different cities now, each having to be deleted. Im not sure where else to turn, since i havent seen anyone with the same issue as myself.

I start a new town, get my econ growing, do some quests, and just let things build up. I place down a barn, storage, and a market. Allow them to build up. Once complete. I place a blacksmith, and archer range down and log off to go to bed.

I log in the next day, and all my resources are back, the buildings are missing, and im back to a certain spot in my game.

Well i redo everything, and log out. Log back in and im back to the same exact spot with the same resources, and buildings are gone.

Multiple times this happens. Its very annoying to have to restart, delete, make new town, etc over and over.

Ive asked for help before, but no luck. So ill try here.

Thanks for any assistance.