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Originally Posted by Valkyrie View Post
never heard of it, but i'll look it up
If you like HARDCORE hack and slash you should like Dark Souls man. When i say hardcore, i mean hardcore. The motto to the game is: prepare to die, when you die (in the first game) you lost all of your souls (buy upgrades, Items, Weapons, Upgrade your character with them) so you would have to fight your way back to your blood stain and get them back but if you died again on the way to them, then they would be lost forever.

I would like a invite a friend system added if that is not in this one, still havent played it today yet, but when i do ill give my 2 cents on the first hour or so.
OMG i suck at this game lol, i cant get past the first boss or how to aviod him. O well like i said the motto of the game is: Prepare to Die.
one thought on the CE version of the game, kinda sucks you have to download the mini-guide instead of puting it in with the game. Ill try to get past the boss now.

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